Going On Facebook: A Darcy Lewis Fic Exchange

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FAQ, Rules, and Dates
fallenkalina wrote in goingonfacebook

Going on Facebook: A Darcy Lewis Fic/Art Exchange

Ours is a small, but mighty community of fic writers and artists who love Thor's Darcy Lewis.  So let's show our appreciation for her and each other with an exchange.

Quick FAQ:

Do I need a LJ to participate?:
Nope! This is just a handy place to put everything. After your work has been posted/revealed, you are free to put it anywhere you'd like.

What Fanworks am I allowed to produce?:
We welcome fanfic and fanart. Fic must be at least 1,000 words with no maximum. Works do not have to be beta'd, but it is strongly encouraged. Mods reserve the right to send back a work that is excessively lacking. And of course, works should feature Darcy.

Fan Art is similar. We as for no rough sketches, and either hand or computer drawn.

For both categories: het, femslash and gen are all allowed.

How are assignments matched?:
Assignments will be matched by the mod based on information from the sign-ups. Please be specific when filling your signup information as this will seriously help us match people based on what they want and what they want to produce. When you receive your match, please reply back promptly so we know it has reached you.

But I don't like what my assignment has listed?:
Please fulfill the request to the best of your ability. Do not offer to write something you are not comfortable with. Do not write something that your assigned partner says is a dislike/squick.

How do I send in my completed work?:

You will send in your work by  September 26th to sol.oriens@gmail.com. Fic must be in doc, .docx, or .txt format. Art can be in any format. Please include any needed markup.

When will works be posted?:
Works will start to be posted on the 30th, how many and how long posting will go on will depend on the amount of entries.

Any other questions?:
Send em to sol.oriens@gmail.com


1. Since this is an exchange, please think long and hard about your commitments. However, if you need to withdrawal or cannot finish your assignment in time please contact sol.oriens@gmail.com

2. Individual extensions will be considered on a case by case basis. If you need an extension, please inform  sol.oriens@gmail.com prior to the due date.

3. If a pinch hitter is needed, a request will be made on this community.

4. Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to Darcy. Please keep this in mind throughout the exchange.

Important Dates

Sign-ups: August 5-12th
Assignments sent out: August 15th
Completed works due:  September 26th
Posting Date starts: September 30th.

Sign-up Form:
Please sign-up at the dedicated sign-up page


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Name Lee | sarcastic_fina
Email address: sarcastic_wit@hotmail.com
Do you Write, Draw or Both: Write
Do you want to receive fic, art or either? Fic's good, but I wouldn't mind either.

What do you want? -please be specific!: I love rescue stories. So Darcy being kidnapped or injured or something to that effect and her Avenger coming in to save the day would be awesome.
Pairings, if any (names only): My top three Darcy ships are: Darcy/Bruce, Darcy/Clint, and Darcy/Steve, but I also like Darcy/Thor and Darcy/Coulson
Genre: Romance, Angst, Action, Humor, Drama
Likes: Smut, Snarky!Darcy, cool on the outside/freaking out on the inside, Darcy not being too much of a damsel in distress (hello, she's got a tazer and I always assume she'd train some...), ooh and her being best friends with Tony... 'Cause I think they'd click, lol.
Dislike: Personally, I'm not really into Darcy/Loki (I just never read it). Other than that, I don't really like super-weak or weepy heroines. Darcy's pretty tough, in my opinion.
Rating you are comfortable receiving: All ratings, including and especially NC-17, haha

What you'll give -please be specific!: Fanfic!
Pairings (names only): Darcy/Bruce
Genre: Romance, Humor, Tragedy, Angst, pretty much any genre necessary
Characters/Kinks/etc you are comfortable writing/drawing: General cast with emphasis on Tony, Bruce and Darcy. And I'm up for writing hot, hot, sex.
Characters/Kinks/etc you are uncomfortable writing/drawing: In terms of kink, I'd prefer not to write anything too crazy...
Rating you are comfortable with writing/drawing: Any.

Other notes, suggestions and information you'd like to offer: Nope! Looking forward to being a part of!

Can you repost this here? So that I can keep everything in one place.

Of course! Sorry, got eager, didn't read that part!

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